​Due to an accident on Route 59 and Robert Pitt  Drive, there will  be an appoximatley six hour delay  E/W​Route​ 59 between Route​ 306 ​and​ Kennedy Drive​ from​ 3:10 PM due to ongoing investigations. according to the NYS – DOT.

3 thoughts on “​Monsey ​Traffic Alert- Accident on Route 59 and Robert Pitt Drive”

  1. Dina says:

    Please post Hebrew names of injured so we may daven for them

    1. ABC says:

      Yosef Meir Ben Chaya Sara
      Ratza Bas Chaya Sara
      Chana Bas Chaya Sara
      Chaya Sara Bas Ester Devoirah

    2. ABC says:

      Mother – Chaya Sara Bas Ester Devorah
      Son – Yosef Meir
      Daughter – Ratza
      Daughter – Chana

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