By M. C. Millman

Monsey’s third annual 100 Ride took place on Sunday, June 25. The day began at the Yeshiva Spring Valley Girls building with a full breakfast, sponsored by Bubba’s Bagels. “This Tzedaka event has been more than just a bikeathon,” said Rabbi Senter, co-founder of The 100 Ride.

“It’s a way that we can exercise and raise money, but it has also become a way to gather the greater Monsey community and beyond together on a common objective. It is a great event in which 100 percent of funds raised goes directly to the aniyei ircha, and the tremendous achdus that is shown is something that I  take tremendous pride in.”

After the breakfast, 115 riders lined up at the starting line. Uri Kirschner, co-founder of the 100 Ride spoke, as well as Alan Rosenstock, director of Tomchei Shabbos. The riders then took either a 25-, 40-, or 60-mile route. All routes were equipped with rest stops, stocked with food and drinks, and had sag support vehicles around the entire course to help struggling riders and to fix bikes. Medical support sponsored by EMStar was on hand as well.

Riders came primarily from Monsey, but also included participants from Lakewood, Far Rockaway, Passaic and Brooklyn. Riders concluded their course at the staging area at the Wesley Hills Village Hall, and then together rode, under police escort, to the finish line back at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley Girls Building. There, riders were greeted by their enthusiastic families, live music, and a gala barbeque sponsored by Evergreen.

The beneficiaries of the 100 Ride are Rockland County tzedakah organizations such as Monsey’s Kupath Ezra and Tomchei Shabbos of Rockland County both of which bring relief to Monsey’s local aniyim year round. The event also enhances feelings of camaraderie amongst friends and father-and-son teams, who were all working together to benefit the community.

“It’s unbelievable how this ride brings together people from all walks of life,” said Rabbi Mashinsky director of  Kupas Ezra. “From businessmen, kolel yungerleit, to rabbanim. All are riding together for one great cause.”

“When this ride was started three years ago with sixty riders, we set out with one objective,” said Kirschner: “That 100 percent of the funds raised by the riders would go directly to tzedaka and all overhead costs would be sponsored, which, baruch Hashem, we have accomplished every year. What we didn’t expect from this ride was this unusual and unique combination of a fantastic tzedaka endeavour as well as people getting into a very healthy and enjoyable activity that can be done with family, friends and kids. So, although it was created solely as a tzedaka platform it has achieved so many other things as well,” he said.  

“These people are the heroes, they are raising money for aniyim in such a magnificent way,” said  Alan Rosenstock. “I’m completely blown away. I was told about the numbers, I was told about what was being accomplished but aino dome shmiya li’rieya.”


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