NANUET, N.Y. — Scott Paness of Nanuet was working in his front yard Wednesday when he looked down and found a new friend, a 4-foot-long iguana with spiky thorns along its back.

Paness, who actually picked up the wayward lizard, is looking for its owner but doesn’t want to hand it over to just anyone.

“He’s obviously someone’s pet so I would like him to find his real home,” he said.

After finding the iguana yesterday, Paness put him in a large bucket and fed him some tomatoes thinking that would keep him safe.

This morning, the iguana was gone, but he hadn’t gone far, he just moved to a tree in the front yard.

“He’s just laying there like he’s in the Caribbean,” Paness laughed.

Since posting photos of the big guy on his Facebook page, Paness has received lots of emails from people wanting to take the iguana, but he really wants to find the owner.

“I don’t want to turn him over until someone can show me a picture of themselves with the iguana or at least show me his home,” he said.

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