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About Us

Dear Friends,

Over 25 plus years ago,  I shifted the secular gears of my life, became Jewishly observant and moved to Monsey, NY.    My wife, Dana and I have raised 5 kids, sent them to Yeshiva’s, sent them away to learn in Israel and have at this point, married off 3 of them. Religious grandchildren are starting to come too with names like Chaya Nava, Kayla, Baila Rivka and little Zahara Rina….aka, Zoe!

Monsey is a truly special community and has had a profound impact on how I see the world.   Of course, nothing in this world is without fault – “we’re not angels” – (excepting those beautiful grandchildren, of course!)  but it’s clear to me that the people and the institutions who comprise this surprisingly diverse Jewish community are extraordinarily idealistic….driven to live a life of kindness, goodness, and depth of meaning that is, IMHO,  pretty rare this day and age.

My hope is that this website – Monsey.com –  will give you a glimpse into the “flesh and blood” that makes up this Orthodox small town in upstate NY and that you too  can join in and truly experience and contribute to the Pulse of an Extraordinary People.

Barry Mase




Monsey.com – The Pulse of an Extraordinary Community