HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. — A home inspector received a big shock when he walked into a home for sale in Haverstraw on Tuesday and found large anti-Semitic messages scrawled across parts of the home.

Baruch Weiner, of Capital Property Inspections, who was inspecting the home for a couple looking to purchase the home on Woodridge Drive, found the graffiti.

He said when he arrived at the home he found a broken basement window and an unlocked door. When he entered the house he found the large  “No Jews” spray-painted in large black letters on the basement walls of the home.

Weiner said there was also spray painting in the kitchen and on the appliances and some floors.

Gary Siepser, CEO of the Foundation said this type of crime is “ghastly.”

“The Jewish Federation is disgusted by this act of anti-Semitic hate and attempted intimidation,” said Siepser. “We call upon the police authorities to continue their investigation and to bring those guilty to justice. We also call upon civic leaders and elected officials to continue their efforts to assure that Rockland County is a place that is welcoming to all residents.”

Weiner called the Haverstraw Police to report the crime. He said they had already been notified of the crime, but responded again to talk with him.

“The officer told me that detectives had processed the scene and had taken DNA from the bathtub area,” Weiner said.

He added that the neighborhood is very friendly and would be a good place to live.

“I’m sorry to see something like this happen anywhere. It was probably kids not realizing what they were doing,” he added.

The Haverstraw Police said they are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips said this type of thing is the exception, not the norm for the town: “We will not tolerate this type of action in our town,” he said. “We live in a community of many different religions and ethnicities that have always gotten along together.”

Phillips added that he has “tremendous” faith in the police department and hopes the criminals are captured quickly.

Source:  Ramapo Daily Voice

One thought on “Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found In Home For Sale In Rockland”

  1. Mordechai Lewis says:

    This isn’t shocking news.

    Rashi (Devarim 28:66) tells us, “In exile Jews will not be sure of safety from violence. As to their livelihood, they will depend on what they can buy day by day, never being sure that the markets will not be shut down, in general, or specifically to Jews.”

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