ASHAR’s  eighth graders spent the afternoon on Tuesday, May 17 at Eldorado Elementary School in Chestnut Ridge. They were invited to give a presentation about the “Names, Not Numbers “program which  they have been working to put together over the course of the year. The ASHAR students shared their experiences learning about the Holocaust as part of ASHAR’s eight grade curriculum.

After the ASHAR students presented what they had prepared, the floor was opened for questions from the Eldorado students. The questions varied from the rise of Hitler to the lives of children during the Holocaust. Thanks to the teachers Mrs. Stacy Granata and Mrs. Mindy Reifer, ASHAR students were well prepared and felt  rightfully proud of the Kiddush Hashem they had made and the efforts that  went into building bridges with the local public school community.

ASHAR invites the entire community to a reception and screening of “Names, Not Numbers: A Movie in the Making” produced by members of the Class of 2017 this Sunday, May 21 at 7 pm.

Visit to see what ASHAR’s “Names Not Numbers Movie in the Making” is all about.  



One thought on “ASHAR Gives Prelude to “Names Not Numbers” Presentation to Eldorado Elementary School”

  1. Lisa Weber says:

    So very proud of our students and staff on this monumental effort.
    It’s so vital in this day and age to continually educate and commemorate the horrific events of 70 years ago;
    the eye-witnesses to the event are fading and their stories must continue to be told.

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