ROCKLAND COUNTY, N.Y. — Ramapo police received a video and reports of another black bear around 1 a.m. Friday, this time in the area of College Road going through garbage at a local residence.

The bear is just the latest in a slew of sightings across the area. On Tuesday Ramapo Police received a photo from a resident after sighting a bear on Coe Farm Road in the Village of Montebello. And last week, a bear was spotted in Nyack.

Police are reminding anyone who may see a bear stay clear of the animal and refrain from approaching it to take photographs.

Black bear populations are largely concentrated in upstate New York but there are smaller populations elsewhere, including the Hudson Valley, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation

While black bears are omnivores and largely consume grasses, berries, fruit and insects, they will also eat human food, including bird seed, honey, and corn.

One thought on “Brand-New Bear Sighting Occurs Overnight In Ramapo”

  1. s. wieder says:

    people s/b fined for leaving out uncovered trash
    attracting bears is a very serious manner

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