Monsey may be small compared to some other places in New York, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a thriving business here. Plenty of people do. You just need to do it ‘right’.

You need to start with the ‘idea’. This is everything that your company is going to be built upon. Make sure that it is interesting to you too. Nothing worse than running a business that you have absolutely no interest in, right? Play to your talents.

Research your target market. While you may be living in Monsey, it does not mean that the people of Monsey are the only people that are going to be buying from you. Sure, if you set up a ‘local’ business such as a hair salon, beautician, or something similar to that you may be able to gain most of your customers from within Monsey, but other businesses will thrive offering to the rest of this state, or even the rest of the world. Dream big.

No matter whether you are targeting just Monsey or the whole world, you are going to need a website. Thankfully, this market is incredibly competitive nowadays and you should be able to find the best sites deals to get your website up and running. Without a website, you have nothing.

Make sure that you come up with a business plan for your business. It helps to be focused. You may be spending months and months on your plan, but it needs to be absolutely perfect. This is going to guide the early stages of your business to ensure that you are doing everything ‘perfectly’. Don’t jump in head first. Everything you did previously (i.e. your target market, niche etc.) will need to be worked into this business plan.

The biggest problem that many businesses face is ‘overspending’. Don’t do this. Research the best deals around. Spend wisely for your business. You can spend vast amounts of cash when you are successful, but you will need to spend only what you need at the start. Try to avoid getting bank loans too, if possible. It could really help you not to have vast repayments to reach every month.


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