Posted by Town of Ramapo Police Department on Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Ramapo Police Department were the first responders to a call received around 1 a.m. bringing them to the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza located at 3 Executive Blvd in Suffern. There they discovered a tanker truck leaking a substance which was forming a cloud cover close to the ground. Officers located the placard on the truck identifying the substance as cryogenic liquid nitrogen. The cryogenic liquid nitrogen was leaking from the rear of the tanker.

While nitrogen is inert, there are hazards which can include the freezing of human tissue upon contact. It can also be an asphyxiant in that it displaces oxygen. At the time, wind direction was moving the noxious cloud away from the hotel. The Tallman Fire Department arrived and used a fan to direct the substance away from first responders. The driver of the truck was subsequently identified, and he was able to provide the access key to trained firefighters who donned Scott Air-Packs and evaluated the source of the leak. It was determined that a valve was slightly ajar, causing the nitrogen to escape through the main feeder cap. Firefighters secured the valve so that in less than  an hour the scene was safe once again.

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