By Farley Weiss –

How can the U.S. Government give approximately $300 million dollars of our taxpayer money a year to the Palestinian Authority in aid when the Palestinian Authority has a policy that rewards Palestinian Arab terrorists with tremendous financial benefits when they murder Israelis or even Americans?  This policy of rewarding such terrorists is now a law of the Palestinian Authority.  Furthermore, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas promotes this policy by visiting the families of these terrorists and calls them martyrs and heroes and has streets and schools named after them.

The Palestinian Authority under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas supports terrorism and such support is not surprising considering the history of Abbas.   Abbas wrote his doctoral thesis for a Russian university entitled “The Other Side: The Secret Relations Between Nazism and the Leadership of the Zionist Movement.” His main argument was that the Zionist leadership wanted more Jews to be killed by the Nazis to help get them sympathy at the negotiation table.  He further wrote that the number of Jews murdered might well have been “below one million.”  He also mentioned scholars saying the Jewish victims numbered “at only a few hundred thousand.” He favorably cited French Professor Robert Faurisson, who incredibly challenged the fact that the gas chambers were used to murder Jews.  In a January 21, 2013 interview with Lebanese Television Station Al-Mayadeen Abbas outrageously stated “I challenge anyone to deny the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War 2.”

Abbas has a long history of support for Terrorism. Abu Daoud, a Terrorist from the Munich Olympic massacre, wrote a book entitled “From Jerusalem to Munich” on the Olympic massacre in which he mentions that Abbas financed the notorious terror attack. Abbas kissed him and wished him luck before he went on the attack.  When Daoud died on July 3, 2010, Abbas lauded Daoud as a hero describing him as a “…wonderful brother, companion, tough and stubborn, relentless fighter.”   Abbas should be brought to justice for financing such a terrorist attack but he wasn’t.   He hasn’t even expressed remorse for his actions. Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority has led the fight to try and prevent commemorations of the Israeli victims at each Olympic games.

Abbas has created one of the most anti semitic terrorists societies in the world. Abbas brilliantly plays on Israel and the world’s fear of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority or that Hamas will take the area over so they continue to give monetary support to them.  Abbas has cleverly used this concern to feel he can freely support terrorism. Israel needs to end their concern that the end of such aid could lead to Abbas’s collapse.  Abbas is corrupt and will do what it takes to maintain his rule and if properly pressured, he will change policies on terrorism if that is what it takes for him to keep on receiving aid and staying in power.    The result of turning a blind eye to his support for terrorism has resulted in a Palestinian Arab society that a recent ADL survey showed to be the most anti semitic in the world with over 90% having anti semitic views.

Abbas’s involvement in the Munich Olympic massacre, not to mention other terrorist attacks should cause world outrage.  The fact that he is also a denier of the Holocaust and maintains such denial is an extension of his anti semitic views.  Astonishingly, he is treated respectfully as a head of state on the world stage.   But, this ongoing policy of allowing such conduct by Abbas to continue without ramifications has failed to bring peace or alleviate terror.  Instead, it has the opposite effect.  Abbas has felt emboldened to expand this policy and the Palestinian Authority’s   latest textbooks are even more encouraging of terrorism than the previous ones.

After September 11, 2001, President Bush gave justification for the U.S. to go to war against Afghanistan by stating that those who give sanctuary to terrorists are equally morally culpable.  The Palestinian Authority not only gives sanctuary to the terrorists but financial support and encouragement for their terrorist behavior.   In 2002, when President Bush announced U.S. support for a Palestinian Arab state, he stated that such support was only if such a state would have a system of justice and not support terrorism, which Bush stated it did not currently have and still does not have to this day.   Accordingly, any push for a Palestinian Arab State right now would mean dropping the conditions for such a state set by the Bush Administration.

If America would send a message to Abbas and the Palestinian Authority that we will no longer give you financial support when you encourage terrorism amongst your people this would be a step in the right direction. We are a nation of morality and clearly see the injustice in this situation. We need to encourage Congress to support and approve the Taylor Force Act which is pending in Congress at this time.  The Taylor Force Act calls for cutting aid to the Palestinian Arab Authority until such encouragement to terrorism ends.  The Act is named after American soldier Taylor Force who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan for the US military and on a trip to Israel a year ago was knifed to death on a promenade at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv.  The Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Abbas financially rewarded the family of the murderer of Mr. Force and saluted the murderer as a hero.      The Palestinian Authority gives around the equivalent amount of money it receives from US aid to the families of the terrorists.   This payment to the terrorists and their families constitutes around 7% of the Palestinian Authority’s total budget.

The onus must be put on Abbas to change his support, financial and otherwise for terrorism. With a U.S. President now focused on making “America Great Again” and putting America and Americans first.  Now is the time to push for the Taylor Force Act and send a message to Abbas and the Palestinian Authority that financial support to families of terrorists will end. An Israeli analyst recently told me that unless the U.S. makes it clear to Abbas that the U.S. will no longer turn a blind eye to such payments to the family of terrorists, such payments will continue.

Israel should also encourage this US administration to indict and bring to justice such terrorists who murdered Americans.  For the first time since Oslo in 1993, the U.S. Justice Department has finally started to indict Palestinian Arab terrorists who murdered Americans.  More indictments need to follow and the Palestinian Authority must be told that such terrorists need to be turned over to U.S. custody and face justice instead of being treated as heroes.  If the focus is put on ending the Palestinian Authority support for terrorism and rewarding terrorists then for the first time since Oslo, Abbas will be the one pressured to change.   Pressuring Israel to make concessions for the past twenty years has not worked.

It is my hope that we will see a ceremony with the family of former American soldier Taylor Force , standing around President Trump while he signs the Taylor Force Act.  Such an action will change the dynamic and will be a big step toward protecting American lives.

Farley Weiss is the President of the National Council of Young Israel.



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