Forbes released its Forbes 400 list on Tuesday, and it’s not surprising that a lot of the richest Americans live in New York. And some of those have strong ties in the Hudson Valley.

To no one’s surprise, Bill Gates leads the pack as the richest American in 2017, followed closely by another Seattle-area billionaire, Jeff Bezos. Though the Amazon CEO came in at second place on the Forbes 400 list, Bezos did for a brief few hours have the distinction of being richer than Gates over the summer thanks to a surge in Amazon stock.

Then there’s Mark Zuckerberg. No, he’s not currently a Hudson Valley resident, but he grew up in Dobbs Ferry. He’s on the list as the 4th richest American, after Gates, Bezos and Warren Buffett.

Forbes noted that the price of admission to the list jumped nearly 18 percent to $2 billion. There were 26 billionaires on the 2016 list who fell off and 22 newcomers made the list for the first time. One of the notable names that fell off the list is Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

To come up with the rankings of the 400 richest Americans, Forbes’ journalists started with a list of about 600 people considered strong candidates. Forbes looked at public records, news stories and when possible interviewed the candidates in person or via phone. All types of assets were taken into account and Forbes also factored in debt.

One of the notable losers on the list was President Donald Trump, Forbes says. According to Forbes, Trump’s fortune fell $600 million to $3.1 billion. Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross fell off the list altogether when he filed disclosure forms showing he had a net worth of less than $1 billion.

Setting aside Zuckerberg, the Hudson Valley Patch count starts with Michael Bloomberg, because he owns an estate in North Salem. He’s No. 8, with a net worth of $46.8 billion.

High on the list as usual is hedge fund pioneer George Soros of Katonah, at No. 20, with $23 billion.

James Cox Chambers is No. 59, with $8 billion. One of the heirs to the Cox family fortune, he owns an organic farm in the Hudson Valley, lives in Palisades and is a Bard College trustee.

Ralph Lauren owns an estate in Bedford. He’s No. 91, with $5.8 billion.

Scarsdale’s David Siegel of Scarsdale, a hedge funder, is at No.122 with $4.9 billion.

Daniel Och of Scarsdale, a hedge fund CEO, is No. 226, with $3.3 billion.

Thomas Secunda of Croton-on-Hudson, at Bloomberg LP, and with $2.4 billion, is No. 340.

David Gottesman of Rye is listed at No. 374 with $2.1 billion.

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