HamaspikCare, the popular community agency for seniors and others in need of a wide range of homecare services, together with Sparks of Life, a growing Jewish community support organization for people affected by Parkinson’s, offered their fifth evening of support for those challenged with Parkinson’s, their family and friends. The organization is spearheaded by Rabbi Moshe Gruskin, a Lakewood resident turned Parkinson’s advocate, who turned his own diagnosis into a drive to help others with the disease. Sparks of Life is a Lakewood-based nonprofit that aims to fill a very necessary void for Parkinson’s patients, offering those challenged with Parkinson’s comfort in a Jewish support system. The goal of the organization is to provide the much-needed emotional and financial support, medical guidance and the strength of a unified group. Besides informing and empowering inquirers with the latest treatment options and personalized suggestions for each individual case, the non-profit has been hosting public awareness events like the Monsey event on Tuesday night, May 9.

With HamaspikCare uniquely positioned to bring cutting-edge medical awareness to a sizable constituent base, Sparks of Life chose the agency when planning to bring the sizable Monsey community up to speed on Parkinson’s information and options. The Monsey evening of support for those challenged with Parkinson’s and their family and friends took place at Hamaspik Terrace of Monsey on Route 59. Guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Rebecca Gilbert, clinical associate professor at the department of neurology and associate director of movement disorders at NYU Langone Medical Center. She is board-certified in neurology and has published books and articles on various aspects of Parkinson’s disease. Rabbi Paysach Krohn, author of “The Maggid Speaks” series and renowned inspirational speaker, addressed the attendees as well. A question-and-answer session followed both presentations.

The educational and inspirational value of the Parkinson’s event was enormous, but perhaps even more valuable are the connections created that the family unit and fellow sufferers can tap into, taking comfort in knowing they are not alone in the frightening journey of Parkinson’s. By working together, more can be accomplished as all derive strength from one another.

“Don’t stand alone” is Sparks of Life’s slogan. With HamaspikCare’s help, together with Sparks of Life, people in Monsey affected by Parkinson’s won’t have to.


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