I am looking for a position as a systems analyst to assist with health. I
hold a bachelor’s of science degree in Health Informatics. My course work
encompassed utilizing IT to improve business performance of a healthcare
facility. This included areas such as clinical processes and decision
making, patient care, business processes and internal and external vendor

In the past I worked in the computer industry for IBM and several other
companies as a systems

analyst and technical support.

I am a guru with computers, networks and servers including Microsoft Excel,
Access & PowerPoint, and various

database software packages.

My past experience has enabled to learn new software packages fairly
quickly. I also have past business

experience as well.

My course work included hands on training on medical coding Diagnostic Codes
(ICD-9, ICD-10)

and Procedural Codes (CPT & HCPSC).

I am interesting to work in a health care center ( Refuah Health Center type
of place, hospital, clinc,

nursing home, assisted living or home care agency.

Please call Dan at: (845) 200-3073 or email me at:

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