On May 9, The Hebrew Academy hosted STEAM Night. This special event featured science, technology, engineering, art and math rolled into a fun celebration of learning.

At the science fair students displayed and presented their scientific experiments through the use of PowerPoints, display boards and final products. Some of the topics covered included making lava lamps, the life cycle of ladybugs, the effects of WIFI radiation on plants, human memory and the best way to clean your teeth. Top prize winners included a seventh-grade student, the first grade class and a third-grade duo.

The Hebrew Academy technology whiz kids taught parents and family members how to build, program and operate robots from skills learned in weekly robotics class. The spacious library was “standing room only” as robots ran from end to end.

Future engineers shared their knowledge and abilities with one of the state-of-the-art 3D printers. Explanations and information was shared as guests watched a shofar come to life from filament before their eyes. Information and ideas surrounded the display to offer ideas and implications for the future of engineering and the use of sophisticated technologies.

At the art show, colorful displays lined the walls and windows. Students enjoyed sharing their work and discussing the use of line, perspective, shading and color. From Mexican folk mirrors, snowy winter scenes and recreations of art masks, guests were overwhelmed with the volume and quality of talented student-artists in residence.

Math literally lined the hallways for STEAM night. Students and their guests participated in activities from tangrams, place value bracelets, aleph-bet mazes, equivalency memory and shape sorts.

Overall, STEAM Night was another huge success as The Hebrew Academy STEAMS into the future!


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