Crime Continues To Impact County Residents Today

New City, NY (May 3, 2018) – Rockland County Legislators voted 16-0 Tuesday to oppose the parole and release of the architect of the 1981 brinks’ robbery that left two Nyack police office and an armored car guard dead.

Legislators Alden H. Wolfe and Ilan Schoenberger sponsored the resolution, which had bipartisan backing.

“This crime left three families without their fathers, sons, and husbands and forever changed Rockland County,” Legislator Wolfe said. “The convicted killer should serve his full federal sentence for planning and carrying out such a violent crime.”

Nyack Police Officers Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown and Brinks’ Guard Peter Paige were killed during the Oct. 20, 1981 robbery.

Paige was killed during a $1.8 million armored car heist at the then-Nanuet Mall, now the Shops at Nanuet. Both police officers were killed during the escape attempt in a shootout at the Mountainview Road entrance to the New York state Thruway in Nyack, where a permanent memorial is located.

“Before Brinks, we saw ourselves as a safe, bucolic community,” Legislator Schoenberger said. “Brinks shattered that view and that lifestyle. We were shaken to our core, the victims of domestic terrorism. The families, friends and co-workers of those killed were even more devastated. The convicted felon involved in this crime should not be paroled.”

Mutulu Shakur, who was born Jeral Wayne Williams, was arrested in 1986 and sentenced in 1988 for his role in the robberies and killings by a self-proclaimed revolutionary group known as “The Family.” The group included Black Liberation Army members and former members of violent groups from the 1960s, according to news reports.

In addition to the Brink’s case, Shakur was found guilty in another armored car robbery in which a guard was shot dead. He had been accused of participating in 12 robberies from 1976 to 1981.

He was also found guilty of aiding the prison escape of his sister, Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted in 1977 of killing a New Jersey state trooper and who fled to Cuba.

Shakur was sentenced to 60 years. The judge recommended no parole be granted.

Under the sentencing rules in effect at the time, “mandatory parole” was required after 30 years unless a parole hearing determined the prisoner would commit new crimes or had repeat, serious violations of prison rules, according to news reports.

Shakur was denied parole in 2016 after serving the 30 years.

As of today, the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website lists Shakur’s release date as Dec. 15, 2024 and shows that he is still incarcerated in Victorville, Calif. He can seek parole every two years until his release date because he was sentenced prior to the federal government eliminating parole in 1987. Time is taken off a sentence for good behavior.

Shakur, 67, is due before the U.S. Parole Commission today. The Legislature’s resolution has been provided to the USPC, which has confirmed receipt.

Some people have expressed interest in commenting on the parole.

Here is the contact information:

Those who have been involved with the incident or who were impacted by the crime can express their opinions and views as to Shakur being granted parole. Send emails to

In expressing your views, you can reference the inmate’s full name, Mutulu Shakur, aka Jeral Wayne Williams, Federal Registration #83205-012. This will enhance the flow and cycle of communication with the appropriate U.S. Parole Commission officials.

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