On Monday evening July 17th, JinspireRockland held a women’s event in Rabbi Moskowitz’s shul on Parker Boulevard. The event featured  mezuzah making designed from colored glass( the mezuza cases were designed from colored glass.)

Approximately 40 women were in attendance. The event’s instructor was Bonnie Caul, an artist who works in glass as well as other modalities. The women were given the supplies and Bonnie walked them through the process of creating their mezuzas, a fascinating process as the attendees worked on their “masterpieces” creating lovely mezuzah cases.

Rabbi A.S. Teicher, a sofer STAM from Monsey, brought his ink, letters, and skins to demonstrate to the attendees what mezuzah and sifrei Torah writing entails. He explained that the cases they were making were in fact not the important part of the mitzvah but rather the parchment inside.

Any woman who purchased a kosher mezuza that night and wanted to hang it up in their home or business was offered a “mezuzah party” sponsored by JinspireRockland.

JienspirRockland is a local organization under the umbrella of JWRP (Jewish Women’s Rennaissance Project). It is a grassroots organization of Jews committed to sharing inspiring Jewish education and spirituality with their fellow Jews, across the spectrum of Jewish affiliation. It is a volunteer-based initiative, with local affiliates in various Jewish communities across America as well as in Canada. Jinspire seeks to promote connection amongst Jews in contexts which facilitate inspiration and Jewish unity.

The majority of the women present on Monday evening were past participants in the Israel trips sponsored by JWRP. JWRP’s mission is to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform themselves their families and communities., To date JWRP has taken over 10,000 women from 21 different countries to Israel since 2009.

At Monday night’s event, Linda talked about her involvement with JinspireRockland. She explained that she was affiliated with a Reform Temple in New City where she lives. Someone mentioned the JWRP trip to Israel to her. At that point in her life, Linda’s spirits were very low following her sister’s death at age 59.  A trip to Israel sounded like it would be just the thing she needed to lift her spirits and reignite her belief which was waning . She went online and applied for the trip.

She was interviewed in person by a local volunteer, Mrs. Betty Fromowitz, and she was delighted to be accepted to participate in the 10 -day trip in December of 2016. All of the women on the trip were from the Monsey area. This was Linda’s first time in Israel, and it changed her life. Now she is a participant in local Jinspire events which are aimed at keeping the women who have gone on the trip connected and Jewishly inspired.

JinspireRockland  is run by volunteers from our Monsey  community.. Betty Fromowitz, Edie Goldberg, Jenny Lazar, Judy Auerbach, Mimi Seif and Leah Davidson plan the events, organize one-on-one learning partnerships and take local women on the JWRP Israel trip. Monsey women also serve as volunteer  mentors assigned to one -on -one learning.

JinspireRockland is truly inspiring!



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