NANUET, N.Y. —  Good news. Felix the 4-foot-lizard found by a Nanuet man in his front yard has a new home.

Scott Paness of Nanuet was working in his front yard Wednesday when he looked down and found a new friend, a 4-foot-long iguana with spiky thorns along its back.

Not wanting to give the creature to just anyone, Paness set out to find his owner, including sending Daily Voice photos and information.

On Thursday, Paness decided to take matters into his own hands and began knocking on some doors in the neighborhood.

“I found my neighbor who used to own the iguana,” Paness said. “After speaking with him, in his words, he ‘Got rid of that (expletive deleted) and let it go,’ because his landlord didn’t want it in the house.”

Paness said “he wanted to say mean things,” but resisted and instead just “ragged on him briefly.”

The previous owner told Paness he had put the iguana in the woods outside in his backyard a few months ago.

“I don’t believe the iguana could have survived that long in the winter so maybe his story wasn’t all truthful and it was more recently,” he added. “However, once I realized the iguana was not wanted by his owner I contacted a few local places.”

He said somehow animal control found out and wanted to take him away, but after they told Paness they couldn’t make any guarantees he would stay alive, Paness told them no thanks.

Luckily, one of the places he contacted, the Hi Tor Animal Shelter, put him in contact with Outragehisss Pets. The owner, John, came over climbed the tree and took Felix to his new loving home, Paness said.

John said Felix’s mouth was infected and would need some medicine. He also said the iguana was weak and wouldn’t have survived much longer.

“The good news is Felix is going to a home with other reptiles and lots of kids will get to enjoy this beautiful iguana and he won’t be stuffed in a tiny glass fish tank in someone’s basement. I feel good that he is safe,” Paness said.

Source:  Ramapo Daily Voice

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