Earl & Hood: We’re Working To Ensure Best Plan Possible

New City, NY (Oct. 1, 2018) – An overview of the County Executive’s proposed 2019 County Budget has been scheduled by the Rockland County Legislature for 7 p.m. Wednesday in the board’s Chambers in New City.

County Finance Commissioner Stephen Degroat is expected to make the presentation.

“Although we don’t yet have the proposed budget, we anticipate conducting a thorough analysis of the plan and have already scheduled multiple review sessions.” Legislature Chairman Toney L. Earl said. “I look forward to working with the Administration to ensure we have the best plan possible for our residents.”

The Legislature’s Budget and Finance Committee, chaired by Legislator Jay Hood, will oversee the review that will unfold over coming weeks. Hood said the process will include obtaining information from department heads, the County Executive’s staff, the New York state Comptroller’s Office, and others.

“Our goal is to make sure the final plan is right for taxpayers and for residents who rely on us for public safety, safe roads, social services and other programs,” Legislator Hood said.

Discussions are planned on proposed revenues and expenditures, the state tax cap, mandates, capital projects, and the report that the state Comptroller’s Office will provide after reviewing the proposed spending plan.

Focus will also be put on the audit of the county’s 2017 fiscal year and personnel changes, including any job eliminations or new positions.

The Legislature has tentatively set Nov. 19 as the public hearing date and Dec. 4 as the budget vote date.

Key Budget Dates

By Oct. 1: The County Executive must submit the proposed budget to the County Legislature for review. By Nov. 20: The County Legislature must hold a public hearing on the proposed budget.                           By Dec. 7: The full Legislature must adopt the budget and/or submit changes to the County Executive. If the Legislature takes no action, the budget is deemed adopted. If the Legislature amends the proposed budget, it goes to the County Executive for review; he has five working days after receipt of the amended version to veto. (He has line item veto power.)

By Dec. 20: The County Legislature must override or the amended version with any vetoes becomes the budget. It takes a two-thirds vote per veto item to override that veto (Two-thirds is 12 votes).

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