I was employed for the last 15+ years at The Center for Safety and Change, located in New City, NY. Over the past month, I have branched off and honed-in on my skills to allow me to be a free-agent for the community. I have been found to be highly useful throughout any Domestic Violence proceeding, court, or simply client intervention.
At the Center, my job responsibilities included; providing immediate client-crisis-intervention, implementing weekly support groups, as well as lecture at Domestic Violence trainings several times per-year.
The position I think I would fit best is one in need of a empathetic, strongly sensitive, dependable, experienced-individual, to work closely with clients going through the treacherous processes of Family Court and Beit Din (Religious Court). I have experience walking clients through the processes, as well as provide supervised visitation when applicable. I am always open to learning & trying new things in the field, and have never turned away any client over the years.
In addition to speaking English as my first language, I am also fluent in Hebrew.
Given my extensive experience in the field, I do request that you consider utilizing my services & expertise for both your client’s benefit, and your peace of mind.
Thank you for your time & consideration.


Lynn Goldblatt

Lynn Goldblatt 37 Heritage Drive
New City, New York
C. 845-206-9639
H. 845-425-0639 Lynnrobing1@aol.com

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