Important Notice from O&R: Require Utility Workers at Your Home to Show I.D.

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R) today renewed its urgent call for customers to confirm — by requesting to see a Company identification card — whether the utility worker who comes to their door is a real O&R employee or a fake.

All O&R employees and contractors are required to carry color photo I.D. cards during their workday. If a person comes to your door claiming to be an O&R employee or contractor, ask to see the card.

If individuals representing themselves as O&R employees or contractors cannot produce a legitimate photo I.D. card, terminate further contact with them, lock your door and call the police.

O&R’s renewed advisory comes after a Rockland resident denied entry to her home to a man claiming he “worked for O&R” who had asked to enter her home to “read her gas pipe”, but could not produce an I.D. card.

One thought on “Local Incident Underscores Need for Caution”

  1. M. Lazarus says:

    1) One of the headlines on the web page says: “Garage truck” instead of “Garbage truck”.

    2) The latest issue (#11), on page 15, the article about O&R workers mentions asking to see legitimate credentials. I think that it would be very helpful to publish an image of both sides of the badge to help people know what a legitimate ID looks like.

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