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Seven-year old Miriam bas Shoshana, daughter of Shaya and Shani Zidele, residents of Pomona fell into a pool on Tuesday, July 19. As of Wednesday, July 20, the family who has been saying tehilim around the clock and trying to gain as many zechusim as possible for rachmei shamayim, decided to utilize an additional  avenue to create zechusim that will  hopefully make all the difference.

A few months ago, Shaya began spearheading efforts to build a women’s mikvah for Friday night in Pomona.  The growing kehilla currently has 150 families making this a most kodosh endeavor. Now, during this eis tzara, the family has begun a Chesed Fund campaign in order to raise the funds to launch a Pomona Mikvah so that the zechusim for the waters of this future mikvah will stand as a merit for Miriam. Every donation of any size is a zechus and also a tremendous source of chizuk for the family.

All donations are tax deductible and can be made by going to the Chesed Fund –

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