By Mindy Cohn

Upperide helicopters from Monsey to NYC, Lakewood, the Catskills and beyond

Imagine a ride above traffic. Better yet, imagine not only beating traffic, but commuting from Monsey to a choice of three locations in Manhattan, Lakewood or the Catskills in minutes.

Imagine that this is actually a reality, because now it is. In a much-celebrated effort for an idea whose time has come, has launched a helicopter commuting service that not only arrives in record time, but provides door-to-door service from before takeoff to landing. In the past, commuting has been a long, drawn-out and sometimes painful experience, but Upperide has made it something to look forward to. Upperide  also services the Catskills and the entire New York State region as well as all airports. Additional destinations are also available.

With 20 percent more drivers on the roads this summer, according to the American Automobile Association, commuting is only getting more difficult. The enormous benefits of a helicopter commuter service: the vast amount of time saved and the knowledge that one can arrive after a short commute feeling energized and productive instead of worn out from fighting gridlock make Upperide the trend for the future.

Rides are easy to book on the user-friendly website. To learn more, visit  


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