This year, KosherTroops sent out Shavuos packages to hundreds of American troops stationed all over the world. KosherTroops has become so popular as the years go by that now military personnel call or email in their orders for each location. Shavuos packages will be received by U.S. military personnel stationed in places as far away as Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany and stateside military bases all over the United States as well. The next step for the huge number of packed and sealed boxes is to address and stamp each one for the U.S. Postal Service to collect in time for the shipments to arrive wherever in the world our troops are stationed.

The packing was done at the KosherTroop’s warehouse in Mahwah, New Jersey. The Shavuos packages contain a vast assortment of Shavuos-themed items such as cheese snacks, cheese danishes and cheesecakes from Say Cheese and Mehadrin. There is also various-flavored Bamba from Osem, cheese buns and coffee cakes from Entenmanns and a Shavuos Guide from Chabad. Volunteers from MTA Yeshiva University’s high school came to help pack the Shavuos items.

Even with the volunteers who come to pack countless times a year, giving of their time and energy, and even with the generous donations from food companies, there are expenses. Given that the packages to the troops grow in number each year, shipping all the boxes would not be possible without the generous donations that pay for not only the shipping expenses, but for additional items that must be purchased as well.
To sponsor a package or to receive more information on KosherTroops so as to be a part of their regular accomplishments, which include shabbatons for the troops and Shabbos and Yom Tov packages around the year, please call 845-354-7763 or email:

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