Dear Residents,

Unfortunately the vandalism of the new sidewalks on E. Willow Tree Road (as pictured below) has continued with another 3 panels that will need to be replaced at the Village’s cost of around $528.  It would be appreciated if Estie’s and Sammy’s parents would come forward and reimburse the Village’s so that this money does not have to come from the pockets of our taxpayers.  If they would like to do so anonymously, they are encouraged to leave an envelope with the payment in the Village’s mailbox.

Once again I’d like to urge the parents in the area to please speak to their children about this, and let them know that this seemingly common and harmless activity is actually considered vandalism and does have a cost to our residents.

I urge anyone who sees such vandalism being committed to call the Ramapo Police at 845-357-2400

2 thoughts on “Our Sidewalks Have Been Vandalized Again”

  1. OyAGoy says:

    Not for nothing but kids have been leaving etchings in wet sidewalks for decades. There is nothing offensive and it hardly looks like a tripping hazard.
    Let it be.
    And have Sammy and Estie pick up Trash on Willow Tree as restitution.

    1. Not A Rebba says:

      People have been writing on sidewalks for years. How about the town pay back everyone for taking 10 feet away from their property and the everlasting political corruption!
      Replacing panels with writing in them is just another excuse to spend budget money and ensure taxes are raised each year!
      Tell Estie and Sammy they have slurpees on me anytime,

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