The Eruv has been vandalized at 28 locations in USR overnight Wednesday July 26th into July 27th, days after the Eruv was vandalized at six locations in Mahwah, New Jersey. Both municipalities border each other and also border Rockland County which has a growing Orthodox Jewish community. Both municipalities have ordered the Eruv association last week to remove the white PVC pipes that form the base of the Eruv.

Photo credit  OJPAC

13 thoughts on “PHOTOS of mass vandalism of the Eruv in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey”

  1. Sensibility says:

    The vandalism was the PVC in the first place. Seriously? A cult that worships PVC?

    1. Kim bolte says:

      Very good I like that one for sure!!!! Like no meat on Friday I guess we need to make all the stores remove to meat on Fridays so I don’t get offered kim bolte

  2. Malka says:

    I am curious if permission was obtained from the municipalities before the eruv piping was attached to the polls or if they only got permission from O&R?

  3. I'm a jew and this is wrong says:

    Good! They should all come down.

  4. S Weisz says:

    paint white poles brown so they r not obtrusive .

  5. Mary says:

    If we removed a poster from the telephone pole would that be vandalism??

    1. Kim bolte says:

      I with you for sure and the different is a missing cat poster is temporary eruv is permanent, vase different.

  6. Disa Pointed says:

    Apparently hate does have a home here.

    1. Joe says:

      Yeah hate for out of towners/staters who come into our community and place signs without municipal approval

  7. Kim bolte says:

    This has little to nothing to do with eruv. I looked at the communities with large Hasidic populations, no eruv . Ummmmm well it’s about targeting a property to set up temple so they can travel from peroprty to property. As they come to property closing with less than agreed money then the next property even less and so on and so forth. Welcome to come to our communities but need to pay 30,000 taxes like the rest of us. No welfare for 7 or more. Children whose father comes home at night.

  8. Not a Rebba says:

    This will not stop until the people know that they are safe from their town becoming the next monsey/ramapo!!!!!!! As frum yidden we must make sure that this doesnt happen again! This says it all!!!!!!

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