Last week, Marquis Home Care took the initiative to reach out to someone in need. A Rockland County resident named Eric McGuire had posted on a local Facebook group about his daughter, Olivia, who is battling cancer. He mentioned how he would like to have people come and cheer her on as she received a prize from WPLJ, a N.Y. radio station that has an “apple a day” program where they give an iPad to a sick child every day.

Marquis Home Care representatives answered the call and made their way to Stony Point to do just that. The impromptu event was attended by a photographer named Dana Marie, who had come to volunteer her services, and several members of the Monsey Orthodox community as well. It was truly a kiddush Hashem.

Bassie Friedman of Marquis Home Care presented Olivia with several gifts to go along with her prize and got to hear a little more about her inspiring personal story. Olivia projects an air of happiness that is hard to ignore, but don’t let it fool you: her smile masks the toughness of a seasoned fighter.

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