NY State EMS at its Annual Convention “Vital Signs”this coming weekend is honoring two outstanding EMS individuals of Rockland County.

Michael Murphy, EMT-P RN is the Chief of Operations at Rockland Paramedic Services  who provide Paramedic services to all areas in Rockland County.
Mike is an instructors instructor who is respected by every individual involved in EMS in R,.C. and the entire state.
Kim Lippes has been the Rockland County EMS Coordinator for many years. She leads EMS in our county and represents us in the region and in the state. She is the head of the R.C., EMS training academy which trains EMS providers for all our local EMS agencies.
Hatzoloh EMS of Rockland wishes to recognize these two individuals for what they do for our communities as they are being honored by NY State. Hatzoloh has done this by publicly wishing them a special congratulations on the backlit billboard on Rt. 59.

3 thoughts on “Rockland County NY State Awardees at 2017 EMS Convention this weekend”

  1. Michael Murphy says:

    I am humbled to be honored by such a fine organization such as Hatzoloh. They are dedicated life safers and I am proud to call them colleagues and friends! Thanks
    MIke Murphy

    1. Raymond Florida says:

      I am proud to be able to work in what I consider to be the best EMS system in NYS. This is shown by the honors and awards the Rockland County EMS organizations and people consistently receive. Congrats to both Mike Murphy and Kim Lippes. I am proud to work with both of them.

  2. Kim Lippes says:

    Thank you for your support of myself and Rockland County EMS. Together we have one mission to save life’s. I look forward to working together to achieve this goal

    Kim Lippes

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