A pair of Rockland County first responders have found a new way to save some lives.

The community is rallying around New City residents Carol and Marc Ackerman, who have agreed to take in a pair of teenagers who lost their mother to brain cancer earlier this month at the age of 37.

In response, the Ackermans – Carol is an EMT with the New City Ambulance Corp. and Marc is a volunteer firefighter – agreed to take in Molly and Eli Kaye – who they met at Surprise Lake Camp in Cold Spring eight years ago – who will become their legal guardians following legal proceedings.

“We promised to keep in touch and kept that promise,” Carol stated. “As Jamie‘s plans changed and her health deteriorated, we began speaking more frequently. It was then that Marc and I together decided that we would explore the idea of guardianship of Eli and Molly with Jamie.”

To help the Ackermans and their noble cause, a GoFundMe fundraising campaign has been started for their family, to provide for the essentials the two new family members will require.

“They will need to provide food, clothes, school supplies, two new rooms in their home, money for college, and all the other essentials needed for Molly and Eli to adjust to their new life,” the page states. “Any donation you could give, small or large, would be truly appreciated. Let’s show our support for these beautiful kids who lost everything and will have to start over in our community.”

In total, nearly $35,000 was raised in just 18 days.

“We are humbled, thankful and appreciative of all of your kind words of support, wishes for an easy future and the incredible generosity of your donations. These funds will go directly to Molly and Eli‘s future and has already helped them to breathe a bit easier.”

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