RAMAPO, N.Y. – A Ramapo police officer recently helped a real life “Rocky” after rescuing a baby squirrel that was in danger of being run over.

Earlier this week, a Rockland County Police Department officer who was on patrol was flagged down by a pedestrian who was standing over a baby squirrel to protect it from getting run over. The officer proceeded to recover the abandoned squirrel and began contacting wildlife rescuers to safely retrieve it.

The officer was able to make arrangements for the squirrel, but was told it couldn’t be picked up until the following morning. The officer was given detailed instructions on how to care for his new friend and took over as its surrogate for the night.

The squirrel – which was given the name “Rocky” – was fed Pedialyte through a feeding syringe and kept warm by the officer for the remainder of his 16-hour shift, before Kim Cassidy of Kim’s Wildlife Rehab in Orange County came to pick it up.

The Ramapo Police Department reports that “Rocky” – who, it turns out, was a female the whole time – is doing well and has been reunited with a new family of squirrels.

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