Monsey’s, the world’s largest Jewish social network has added a new Israel Trips feature to their social platform. members have been invited to nearly one million Shabbos meals in 5,479 cities and over in 131 countries. members now have a one-stop online resource for a choice of different subsidized trips to Israel for Jewish college students and young professionals as has partnered with various Israel trips (including its own popular Akiva Trip) to offer its members Jewish traveling opportunities to Israel, Europe and trips within the continental United States. The new feature, titled “Israel Trips,” is located on the left-side menu bar of the homepage for those who log in to the social media site.

Once again, has proven it is far more than just a place to host or be hosted for Shabbos. It is more than just a place to find your zivug. It is more than just a social network. It’s a living, breathing, evolving entity that was given life by Monsey’s Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, but which has since taken on a life of its own as it continues to evolve.

Rabbi Klatzko pays for these projects primarily out of pocket. The expenses are great and the impact is huge and global. To participate in any of’s incredible initiatives, click on or call Rabbi Benzion Klatzko at 212-742-2228 with any questions or to set up a meeting.


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