Installations Being Done on the Following Streets in the Village

  • Camp Hill Road
  • Beaver Dam Road
  • Tara Drive
  • Sherwood Ridge Road
  • Ethan Allen Drive
  • Hunte Court
  • Catalina Court
  • Tuck Road
  • Lochsley Lane
  • White Birch Drive
O&R contractor, Aclara will be conducting the Smart Meter installations. Contractors will be wearing contractor badges and bright yellow vests and helmets that read Aclara. Additionally, contractor vehicles are wrapped in the color orange with O&R’s logo, Aclara’s logo and the slogan “Smart Meters coming your way”. 

One thought on “O&R – Smart Meter installations this week”

  1. Richard Levine says:

    Aren’t these dangerous to the public health? People who come down with unusual disorders after installation should report it to the utility company, the NY utility commission and their attorney. Did 80% of Smart Meter installations result in significant increases in electrical bills? Will the utility company be selling your private information they obtain from the Smart Meters to private companies? Will some of these Smart Meters burst into flame and burn down your house? Will a fee be charged for opting out to the older analog meter? Is it true that where these meters have been installed, there was no reduction in electrical usage? Is this just a scam by the industry to increase revenue with higher electrical charges and cost of these new digital meters? Is it true that these meters only last 5 years, where the older meters last for about 20 years? Is it true that future appliances will send and receive microwave signals from the Smart Meters and thereby be transmitting microwave signals throughout your house? Is it true that these meters will transmit and receive signals throughout the day and night and not for a very short duration two times per day?

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