By Chaya Sara Oppenheim

The evening began with pizza and salad as the women of Pomona gathered on Sunday, July 30th, in Spring Hill Ambulance’s station on Brick Church Road for a free CPR training course. The class was taught by EMS volunteers who explained and demonstrated how to perform CPR for adults, children and infants. CPR, which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a method developed to help those experiencing cardiac arrest, or irregular heartbeat. Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in America, but if CPR is performed within the first few minutes, the person’s chance of survival can be doubled or tripled.
Spring Hill Ambulance Corps. first started in 1967 with one vehicle and a driveway which was utilized as their station. It has since grown to an organization of six ambulances and round-the-clock volunteers who provide basic life support services to the residents of the Town of Ramapo and Clarkstown. The class that was offered on Sunday night was meant to provide members of the community with the practical knowledge to deal with emergencies at any given time or place.
The course gave ample time for questions and practice and an attendee reported that the course was, “Amazing, informative, and so well run.”
At the end of the session, all of the participants passed the test and received certification. Spring Hill Ambulance Corporation’s goal is to train 500 members of the community by their 50th Anniversary.

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