A complex storm system will bring heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, ice and potentially up to a foot of snow to the East Coast on Sunday.

The storm is now slowly heading east and with its current track would arrive on the East Coast sometime on Sunday.

But where on the East Coast?

With days to go, the scenario at the point is similar to the popular game show, “Let’s Make A Deal?”

The first scenario, behind the proverbial Door No. 1, has the storm tracking farther north and hitting the tristate area. (See first image above.)

The second scenario, let’s call it Door No. 2, has it staying farther south and impacting Mid-Atlantic states. (See second image above.)

Early predictions favor the second scenario, but there is still much uncertainty surrounding the strength and track of the storm.

The days leading up to Sunday will be marked by colder air.

Tuesday will start off with clouds, followed by gradual clearing with a high temperature in the upper-30s, but wind-chill values between 25 and 30.

There will be a mix of clouds and sun Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the mid-30s each day.

The sun returns in earnest Friday and Saturday with highs in the 30s each day.

Sunday’s outlook remains uncertain depending on the track of the storm, which could affect the area into next Monday.

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