Members of Kehillas Yeshorim of Wesley Hills and the Kollel of Wesley Hills had the special opportunity of hosting the world renowned Hanacha K’Halacha Tefillin Program on Labor Day. Many issues were addressed by the three master Sofrim on hand, but the day’s primary focus was the different problems people had with their Retzuos (straps). Some were split and were thus pasul. Some needed blackening and a few needed theirs changed. All in all, it was once again an incredible Kiddush Hashem , having many men and boys join together for solely one purpose – to ensure the proper fulfillment of this most precious almost daily Mitzvah.
Rabbi Ari Senter, the Rov of the Shul as well as Rabbi Moshe Roth, the Rosh Kollel, both participated and encouraged others to do the same. Mr. Yoni Greenstein, a member of the Shul, orchestrated the details of the morning. The Kollel and Shul members showed much appreciation. The program is free to the participants but sponsors are appreciated. To follow the over 350 shuls and bring this program to your Shul or Yeshiva, please email or call the director, Avrohom B. Schachter at 718-377-6735.

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