Heartbreaking news that Miriam Zidele, a 7 year old who was pulled from a swimming pool in Pomona last week, passed away on Tuesday after remaining in critical condition at Westchester Hospital for days. The levaya took place Tuesday evening in Monsey.

Tehillim had been recited around-the-clock for Miriam bas Shoshana, while the time that Miriam held on galvanized efforts to raise funds to build a new women’s mikvah in Pomona for the rapidly burgeoning kehilla of 150 families as a zechus for a refuah shelamah. The campaign on The Chesed Fund raised an incredible $136,457 in just 6 days.

Donations should still be made l’iluy nishmas Miriam at https://thechesedfund.com/cause/raising-money-for-a-mikva-as-a-zechus-for-drowning-victim

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

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