looks forward to bringing our readers the voices of the candidates for the upcoming political race in November. Feel free to send the candidates your questions on issues on topics such as:

· Better transparency of government
· Fiscal responsibility
· Better enforcement of building and housing code issues
· Improving traffic problems
· Improvements to infrastructure
· Managing sensible growth and overdevelopment
· Safety for pedestrians
· The ballpark
· Curing the illegal housing problem

All questions can be sent to and directed to a particular candidate or presented as a generic request.

Candidates for Ramapo Town Council

Town of Ramapo Supervisor
Michael Specht—Democratic Party line
Bill Weber—Republican Party line

Town Council
Shani (Susannah) Bechhofer —Republican Party line
Yitzchok Ullman—Democratic Party line
Grant M. Valentine—Republican Party line
David Wanounou—Democratic Party line

Superintendent of Highways
Fred Brinn—Democratic Party line
Robert Romanowski—Republican Party line

Surrogate Court Justice
Michael Koplen—Republican Party line
Keith Cornell—Democratic Party line (will be in a primary election)
Alden Wolfe—Democratic Party line (will be in a primary election)

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