Fourth-Graders Recognized For Participation In Education Fair   

New City, NY (June 21, 2017) –  Fourth-graders who attend theYeshiva Darchei Emunah Munkacs were recognized Tuesday during a ceremony led by Rockland County Legislator Aron B. Wieder.

The students were among the participants in this year’s Yeshiva Education Expo in Brooklyn, which was sponsored by the Yeshiva Principal Association. More than 100 students from 10 area schools participated in the expo, which is designed to showcase innovative approaches to teaching general studies in yeshivas, according to published reports.

Legislator Wieder had the opportunity to attend the expo, held Sunday, and wanted to honor the local students for their efforts.

“It was heart-warming to see students from private yeshivas presenting their exhibits, ranging from science to history to commerce,” Wieder said. “They were done with such detail and perfection, and the students had so much pride in the work that they have done.”

In addition to Yeshiva Darchei Emunah Munkacs, a second Rockland school, Yeshiva Adas Yereim Vein, also participated. Students from Yeshiva Darchei Emunah Munkacs joined legislators Tuesday, bringing their projects for display, including those on Africa, the oceans, Europe and more.

“We often hear that private schools do not necessarily teach science, English and other secular studies, but these students prove that wrong,” Legislator Phil Soskin said. “These students are our future scientists, teachers, businessmen and businesswomen and so forth. It’s great to see that society’s future looks to be in good hands.”

The following Yeshiva Darchei Emunah Munkacs students were recognized: Tzvi Abrahamowitz, Elimelech Brown, Hershy Gruenbaum, Tzvi Kahana, Joshua Kleinberger, Abraham Stark and David Weissman.

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