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On Sunday, April 30, nearly 200 individuals, representing a cross-section of Rockland County and northern New Jersey’s Jewish communities, joined together at Yeshiva of Spring Valley’s Valley Terrace to celebrate Yedei Chesed’s 25th anniversary of service to the broader community. Branded as a “Sefira event,” the evening built upon this concept through the event’s theme of achdus.  

Yossy Kunstlinger, a Rockland County attorney and longstanding friend of Yedei Chesed, helped frame the event’s theme. “As we count the Omer, all the way until Lag Ba’Omer, we are in a state of aveilus. We remember the students of Rabbi Akiva who perished because, fundamentally, they lacked a sense of achdus.” Mr. Kunstlinger continued, “And now, on this very evening, we have come together, in solidarity, to support the members of our community living with developmental disabilities, as well as their families.”

Charlie Harary’s remarks were tremendously well-received by the entire audience. Both insightful and inspiring, Charlie’s unique message of achdus emphasized the true objective of Sunday’s program. Walking his audience through Jewish history, Charlie cited numerous examples of the infinite strength of our relationships with Hashem, illustrating how Jewish continuity and prosperity have been directly correlated with our individual and collective relationships with Hashem.  

Frequently drawing on the chachma of Chazal, Mr. Harary stressed our immeasurable potential to control our own destiny. In turn, Mr. Harary’s remarks helped underscore our shared responsibility to provide for individuals in our community living with developmental disabilities.  

Andrew Schultz, Yedei Chesed’s director of development, was exuberant about the outcome of Sunday’s event. “This particular occasion was an opportunity to share with the broader community Yedei Chesed’s impact on so many aspects of communal life.” Schultz continued, “The evening was really a call-to-action, with so many people offering to get involved in what we do. Considering this was the first event of this nature in Yedei Chesed’s history, the turnout, enthusiasm and commitment of support exceeded all of our expectations.”

Yedei Chesed is confident that the support shown from the community members in attendance demonstrates the beginning of a new era of increased collaboration with the broader Jewish community.  

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Charlie Harary exchanging insights with an event attendee

Yossy Kunstlinger, Rockland County attorney and event emcee

Andrew Schultz, Yedei Chesed’s director of development



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