By M. C. Millman

(l-r) The teacher, Mr. Hass; Legislator Aron Wieder; Moshe Guttman, curriculum consultant with Munkatch Yeshiva student representatives

The second annual Yeshiva Education Expo doubled its attendance and attendees in one short year. The Expo was organized by the Yeshiva Principals Association, which works to unite yeshivos in support of improvements to secular curriculum. The event showcased a successful year of educational advancement and was designed to encourage greater coordination and maximization of resources in yeshivos’ general studies programs. The Yeshiva Education Expo marked an end to a year-long competition involving hundreds of students in grades four to eight, celebrating their accomplishments and culminating in an awards ceremony. Sunday’s gathering brought together the winning projects from each school in an effort to showcase such events as effective learning tools for other New York-area yeshivos.

The Yeshiva Educational Expo is part of an ongoing campaign established to encourage and inspire student involvement in extracurricular activities, and to spotlight the importance of extracurricular in-depth learning in a variety of subjects within the yeshiva education system.

The cornucopia of displays and presentations were exhibited throughout the hall in Brooklyn’s Torah Vyirah ballroom, with the students standing by to expound upon and answer questions on their topic of expertise. The event was attended by Rockland County’s Yeshiva Adas Yereim and Yeshiva Tiferes Bunim Munkatch, who joined eight other Chasidish yeshivos in a clear display of educational achievement.

The much-anticipated event was attended by the New Square dayan, Rav Yechiel Michel Steinmetz, who spoke about the importance of making the most of the time spent on getting an English education in yeshiva. Rav Steinmetz stressed the importance of continuing to work and improve in this area and of always learning with derech eretz and with the goal of achieving the highest standards in the time allotted.

Rabbi Avi Greenstein, executive director of the Yeshiva Principals Association, was the emcee for the evening and spoke about the Yeshiva Principals Association’s mission, which since its advent has been to unite yeshivos and share successes while continuing to improve. “The  Yeshiva Principals Association is dedicated to perfecting the time spent in the pursuit of English studies,” Rabbi Greenstein told those in attendance “so as to maximize each moment and create stronger, more educated and knowledgeable students who will be ready to face tomorrow with a level head and sound thinking skills. The Yeshiva Principals Association will keep on making inroads into our schools as we continue to unite and grow and develop and improve our educational prowess to benefit those who matter most of all to us—our children.”

Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder was on hand, as was Councilman David Greenfield, Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz.

“The entire event shows what kind of work the teachers and principals are doing in the private schools,” Aron Wieder said. “I can see here our future teachers, business people, rebbeim and politicians.”

Rabbi Moshe Guttman, educational consultant for nine Chasidish yeshivos in Rockland County, spoke about empowering students. “This event gave students the opportunity to expand beyond their normal horizons by empowering such students. It gave them a sense of purpose and a drive to go that extra step. As teachers, we need to look at ourselves as facilitators of learning. If we provide a learning atmosphere for our students, they will reach heights we can’t even imagine, as this event proved.”

After the speeches, educators, students, parents and other visitors were given an opportunity to view the projects—which covered topics such as history, geography and biology—and awards were distributed to all those in attendance by the Yeshiva Principals Association.

Vien Class with Dov Hikind

Yeshiva Education Expo

Legislator Aron Wieder addressing the assemblage

Munkatch representative Elimelech Brown addressing the assemblage

Vien representative addressing the assemblage


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