Building on the Past. Experiencing the Present. Embracing the Future.


For the last 75 years, Yeshiva of Spring Valley has been a mainstay of the Monsey community. The yeshiva has produced thousands of alumni who have gone on to impact and lead communities across the country. From roshei yeshiva, rabbonim, rabbeim, moros, teachers, professionals, askanim, and more, each and every talmid and talmidah bears the mark of a YSV student proudly. What is this mark of YSV? Educating with wisdom.


Last Sunday, close to 1,000 parents, friends and alumni joined together in celebration of YSV, its mission, and to honor its doyen educators. This celebration was something special. Not only is Bechachma the gematria of 75, it is what every educator, Rebbe, Morah, principal and menahel in YSV stands for. Educating with wisdom is about focusing on the entire child.


As Rabbi Yochanon Wosner, veteran Rebbe and Boys’ Division honoree defined it: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it into fruit salad.” The honoree of the Girls’ Division was Morah Menucha Kahan who has been with YSV for 42 years and educating generations with much Chachma.


This level of care for each and every boy and girl creates a unique bond between the teachers, students faculty and parents. This strong connection was felt throughout the Double Tree hotel with throngs of parents, teachers, rabbeim and moros joining together in celebration of the work they do each day.


Walking into the halls of YSV, one can’t help feeling overwhelmed by a sense of joy. The passion for learning and growth permeates the atmosphere from the early childhood classes through the 8th grade. With over 1,800 students housed in two state-of-the art buildings, the yeshiva teaches by example how to live a Torah life. As Rabbi Yehuda Frankel, the dean of the Yeshiva, expressed, “We are blessed with teachers, moros, rabbeim, and hanhala that really show the simchas hatorah when they teach. They infuse each child with the love and joy for torah and mitzvos.”


Many times a school with this legacy, and 75 years of experience can be set in its ways and be outdated and old-school. YSV is the exception. They do not live in the past, they build on the past. The entire staff, starting from the hanhala, the rabbeim, and each and every teacher, is focused on how to bring the legacy of the past into the hearts and minds of today’s children using the highest level of creativity and innovation. In particular, the evening’s honorees, Rabbi Wosner and Morah Kahan, who have taught generations of students, are as innovative and in tune with the students’ needs as they ever were.


Rabbi Menachem Apter, MC, discussed the lasting impact a Rebbi and a Morah have. “Chazal compare melamdei tinokos to the stars. Why stars? Because when you look up at the night sky and you see the stars, many of them are light-years away and have disintegrated already, yet we still see them here on earth. So too, are our children’s teachers, years after leaving their classrooms we still feel the mark and see the light from the stars.”


Awards were also presented to Morah Blanka Rosenfeld, a beloved pre-school Morah, and to Morah Chana Erps, who has served the boys Pre 1A with dedication.  Both of these veteran teachers have been at YSV for over 40 years.


“We are so appreciative of the honorees, and all of our friends and supporters who made this evening the phenomenal success that it was,” Rabbi Eliezer Stern, CEO of YSV remarked “ We partner with the parents all year in the chinuch of our children, and it’s so gratifying to spend the evening celebrating our accomplishments together.”


The sentiment from the parents and guests was overwhelming. “What a magnificent D/inner!  I was so proud to be part of YSV last night,” said a participant. “A beautiful evening of elegance, charm, laughter and unity. Everyone there felt so proud to be affiliated with YSV,” expressed a parent.


After 75 years, the Yeshiva is more vibrant than ever. This evening was a true demonstration of what YSV is all about and something so many are so proud of. Perhaps Rabbi Yochanon Wosner articulated it best: “People are looking to get closer to the shechina, they fly to the Kosel, Lizensk or other places to seek inspiration. But, let me tell you that the shechina is right here in every single classroom at YSV.”

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