Walking into Valley Terrace on Tuesday night, April 25, there was a tangible feeling of excitement in anticipation of the very first Yeshiva of Spring Valley Bais Sarah bas mitzvah event. The event was the brainchild of Mrs. Fraidy Jakubovics, who designed, planned, wrote scripts and executed the flawless evening to perfection. As the sixth graders and their mothers entered the hall they were greeted by a magnificent décor, complete with stunning tablecloths and coordinating centerpieces. They found their place cards and marveled at the decorated cookies with the bas mitzvah logo.

The much-anticipated program began with Mrs. Jakubovics welcoming and explaining how this event was both a beginning and an end. A beginning of a new stage for the sixth graders as they have started to become bas mitzvah, and at the same time a culmination of the first six months of the special bas mitzvah program. She inspired the girls with the final story of this year’s program, encouraging each girl to keep in mind the many lessons learned over the course of the year as they constantly strive to “perform for the Conductor of the world symphony.”

Mrs. Lea Kokis, Menaheles of Yeshiva of Spring Valley’s Bais Sara,  inspired the audience next by giving the girls an appreciation of their power as the women of klal Yisrael, as well as their mission of truly connecting to Hashem and to previous generations through mitzvos.

The highlight of the evening was a moving and uplifting performance of each class performing a review of the lessons on each of the Imahos in rhyme. The classes then joined together in the songs learned throughout the year connecting to each of the middos discussed. The audience was truly impressed with the professionalism and depth of the production. A delicious and all-encompassing buffet was enjoyed, while each mother and daughter took a turn being photographed by a professional photographer who then turned each picture into a magnet. The atmosphere then turned very lively as the dancing began. Led by Mrs. Yocheved Hirsch, sixth graders and their mothers enthusiastically participated in the learning of new steps and choreography to the beat of the music. Dessert followed with a beautiful PowerPoint and song. Each student walked out of this event with a special gift bag and a matching Tehillim, as well as with a feeling of chashivus and appreciation, as it was truly a most memorable evening.

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2 thoughts on “Yeshiva of Spring Valley’s Bais Sarah First Annual Bas Mitzvah Celebration”

  1. Ruchama says:

    Seriously?! Gift bags? Are there no girls? Why can’t we see pictures of the lovely, presumably tzanua, girls?

    1. A says:

      Maybe nobody showed up 😉

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